What is Architecture E-design?MMA A E-design

Architecture E-design is a remote service offered to create a custom design, without retaining full Architecture services and without requiring on-site presence of an architect. All communication is established via calls, on-line meetings and e-mails. A process is set up to create a custom architectural design that meets client requirements.

Architecture E-design is ideal for apartment refurbishments, house extensions, retail transformations and also for preliminary studies such as site constructibility or business plans. This service is intended for a wide range of projects, from residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, healthcare to agriculture.

How does it work?

We arrange a 1 hour call to discuss your project, with no obligation and free of charge. Following this call, you will receive a quote detailing the Architecture E-design process and package. If you decide to go further with our collaboration, the Architecture E-design process will take place as follows:

  1. You complete the architecture questionnaire to establish requirements. Send any images and links that you find insightful.
  2. You provide photos and measurements of the site, building or space. Include plans of the existing.
  3. 20% prepayment of the quote is required, to launch the work on the Architecture E-design package.
  4. Elaboration of the Architecture E-design package typically lasts 4 to 5 weeks. Please note that 1 round of revisions is included in the package.
  5. 80% final payment after delivery.

How much does it cost?

Fees start at 1,5 % of the total investment value. Please get in touch for custom quotes.

What does it include?

The Architecture E-design package includes:

  • Layout plan to scale, showing site development.
  • Floor plans to scale.
  • Section to scale.
  • Exterior elevations to scale.
  • Visual of the project displaying the overall volume.
  • Inspiration board including the general vibe and references in architecture.
  • Vision board illustrating the materials, textures and colour palette of the exterior.
  • Surface table.